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Check out the photos and videos of our glamping trip with Free People on the blog today // link on profile // #fpmevancouver #freepeople #fpme (at treasuresandtravelsblog.com)
Met so many awesome girls at the @freepeople getaway last week… Can we please go back again this week? // link to post on profile // #fpmevancouver #fpme #freepeople #amonthofescape
Sharing our @freepeople trip with you on the blog tomorrow! #fpmevancouver #fpme #freepeople #blog
We wouldn’t mind strolling on this road right about now. Looks so quiet & carefree (photo by @_rebeccasiewert) #amonthofescape
I hope you have been soaking up the sunshine today! Ben snapped this from last weeks kayaking adventure with @freepeople #fpmevancouver #amonthofescape 📷👉@bennnnnnnngie (at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort Hotel Vancouver)
Last weekend of Summer, any fun plans? #amonthofescape
Watched “Fed Up” last night, and as the doc wet on I slowly place smaller and smaller handfuls of Swedish berries in my mouth 😳… so this morning I’m thinking I’ll skip the pancakes and try out @jodiwhatscookin ‘s creamy coconut buckwheat! #breakfast #healthy #vegan
A few weeks ago I bleached my ends to amp up my ombré a little for fall, a couple days later a package from @ogx_beauty arrived just in time to save my dry fragile ends. The Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil has really helped repair my hair, Definitely recommend it! -Bethany